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Vegetable Garden


Objective and Design

The Vegetable Garden at the Sherwood Demonstration Gardens provides visitors with ideas for growing season-appropriate veggies. Every year will be different, as most plantings are annuals, and with crop rotations in the raised beds, no two seasons will look alike! Our focus is on growing vegetables that will thrive in the El Dorado County climate. It is important to note that everything that is used in the veggie garden is available to the home gardener at local hardware stores and nurseries.

Raised beds, constructed with rot-resistant redwood, all have a hardware cloth barrier at the bottom to preclude Pocket Gophers from burrowing in from underneath. Raised beds are used throughout the Veggie Garden, because all of the native top soil within the confines of the veggie garden area was moved to the neighboring Orchard Garden to give the fruit trees more native topsoil for their roots.

Drip irrigation is used exclusively in each of the beds, demonstrating effective use of watering. The Veggie Garden is organized by three watering zones, and each zone’s watering needs is managed by an automatic timer. Also demonstrated is the ‘offset emitter’ matrix of emitters: Parallel in-line emitter hoses are placed, so that the imbedded emitters provide overlapping water coverage in the root zone of the raised beds.

Constructed as a teaching garden, rather than as a production garden, the Veggie Garden effectively demonstrates different gardening techniques such as cover crops, row covers, wall-of-water, and vertical gardening at the beautiful entrance arbor. As crops ripen, some may be allowed to go to seed – intentionally. Master Gardeners conduct seed saving and maintain a seed library to be used for future plantings, and to be self-sustaining.

The Sherwood Demonstration garden is continually a work-in-progress, and the Veggie Garden is no exception! This year, we plan to incorporate two new raised bed planter boxes, and will introduce new types of containers for demonstration purposes.

As all of the SDG gardens are planted and maintained as teaching opportunities, The Veggie Garden offers an on-going ‘class’ every second Saturday of the month hosted by the garden chairman: Barry Wold. On a monthly basis (weather permitting throughout the year), “Saturdays with Barry” offers veggie gardening tips, while he is actually working in the garden, and promoting vegetable garden success during each month’s demonstration.

What's New!

Our Vegetable Garden changes continually throughout the seasons. Come see how the Straw Bale Garden is progressing. We have a new VegePod on display. This is a self-watering, raised bed, system. We also planted cover crops in the beds this year. Ask us about it when you visit! A new perennial vegetable bed has also been built and will be planted this season.

Straw Bale Garden w/ trellis and protective row covers
Straw Bale Garden w/ trellis and protective row covers

VegePod, self-watering, raised bed system
VegePod, self-watering, raised bed system

Winter cover crop
Winter cover crop

On-Going Projects and Exhibits

Follow our Straw Bale Garden project here.

Second Saturdays

Join Barry Wold in the Vegetable Garden on the second Saturday of each month. Barry and his team of volunteers hang around and is available to discuss all aspects of vegetable gardening. Including seasonal plantings, raised bed construction, irrigation, and more.