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Our Speaker Lineup

Chuck Ingels

Amanda Hodson

Rei Scampavia


Chuck Ingels has been the Farm and Horticulture Advisor with UC Cooperative Extension in Sacramento County since 1996. He oversees the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center, which is maintained by over 50 Master Gardeners, and advises Master Gardeners throughout the county on every type of gardening question.

Ingels will examine the physical aspects of soil texture and structure, and he will help us understand how gardening activities, such as adding organic matter, tilling, or compaction, affect the soil.



Amanda Hodson studies how to sustainably manage agricultural systems to improve soil health and control pests. Her research integrates plant and root biology with the fields of entomology, nematology, acarology and biogeochemistry. She completed her Ph.D. in Entomology at the University of California Davis where she is now a Project Scientist.

Hodson will speak about the value of having biodiversity in our soil and will share strategies for promoting this diversity such as no till and cover crops.


Rei Scampavia is a doctorial candidate at UC Davis where she focuses soil ecology, integrated pest management and ecological intensification of agricultural systems. Her research deals with isolating and identifying specific soil attributes that affect nest site selection in bee species, and how these attributes impact offspring success. Scampavia writes a bee blog, “Diadasia, The Lives of Other Bees,” at https://diadasia.wordpress.com/.

Scampavia will discuss how farming practices affect ground-nesting bees and other insects and pollinators.