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Sustainable Organic Gardening Breakout Sessions

The Sustainable Organic Gardening Workshop has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. Please check back.

Native Land Management

Traditional Ecological Knowledge: California Native Americans structure their food supply by practicing sustainable land management. Discussion will include the knowledge of how nature works, how good judgement is important to harvesting, and how being a good steward to plants and animals maintains healthy ecosystems. Presenters will share knowledge that is built on history, gained through many generations of learning passed down by elders about practical practices. Presented by the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians, Traditional Ecological Knowledge Department.


Eco-Gardening: Turning Dirt in to Gold: Nurturing soil is one of the best things you can do as a gardener. Plants thrive in soil that is teeming with life. Join UCCE Master Gardener Kit Veerkamp to learn why this really matters and how to modify your soils to improve plant health and reduce disease and pests.


Active Composting: Join UCCE Master Composters Cindy Young and Gail Fulbeck to learn the correct way to make compost that will enhance your garden. Hot and cold methods, optimal ratios of greens and browns, aeration, moisture, and uses for the final product.

organic pest man

Environmental Horticulture: Join Chuck Ingels, Farm Advisor and expert on Integrated Pest Management, as he discusses plant diseases, insects, and 'pests' in the garden. Learn to identify various fungal and bacterial diseases, distinguish types of aphids, scales caterpillars, etc., understand their lifecycles, and make decisions about what needs management and what is essentially a harmless part of your garden ecosystem.

beneficial plants and insects

Eco-Gardening: Attracting Pollinators, Beneficial Insects, and Other Natural Predators: An ecologically-sustainable garden is beautiful and able to attract and sustain pollinators and beneficial insects, reducing the need for pesticides. Join UCCE Master Gardener Kit Veerkamp to learn how plant selection affects beneficial insect populations, which provide ecological benefits such as biodiversity and natural pest control. Habitat management provides a refuge for the insects during winter, and nectar and pollen resources, leading to increases in pollination and other beneficial insects.

seed saving

Home Grown Seeds! Seed saving is easy, fun, sustainable, and saves money. Join UCCE Master Gardener Paula Bertram to learn the basics of growing, harvesting, and storing seeds. Vegetables, flowers, herbs, and native plants will be discussed. Free samples!

food preservation

What to Do with Zillions of Zucchinis? Is zucchini taking over your garden? Are neighbors leaving bags of zucchini on your doorstep? Join the UCCE Master Food Preservers to learn about three different preservation techniques and eight different recipes to preserve zucchini to enjoy throughout the year. Make and take home a jar of refrigerator zucchini pickles that will be bursting with flavor!

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