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Dedicated to Bob Sherwood

Welcome to the
Sherwood Demonstration Garden

Lovingly Designed, Constructed, and Managed by 
UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County
University of California Cooperative Extension

The Sherwood Demonstration Garden formally took root in 2008 when a group of ambitious, farsighted El Dorado County Master Gardeners, through the Regents of the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), entered into an agreement with the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) to build and maintain a public, outdoor learning facility on property owned by EDCOE—a project that would not only beautify a local area but would provide important educational and science-based horticultural programs to local residents.

As Master Gardeners, we are committed to educating the general public on sustainable horticulture and pest management practices based on traditional, current, and evolving research. It is our goal that the Sherwood Demonstration Garden will provide the public with a hands-on, interactive experience about research-based, sustainable gardening practices specific to the west slope of El Dorado County, appropriate for all ages and cultures, and reflective of a variety of environments and gardening experiences.

Funding for the Sherwood Demonstration Garden has come from proceeds of Master Gardener plant sales, donations from the community, cash and in-kind contributions from businesses, local and national grants, and adoption by community service clubs, such as the Cameron Park Rotary. Donations are always welcome. The site was provided by EDCOE, and the utilities are being coordinated through Folsom Lake College/El Dorado Center. Water for the Sherwood Demonstration Garden comes from a previously established well on the site.

The individual gardens within the one-acre portion of the approximate two-acre site are listed below. We hope our gardens will inspire you create your own garden paradise.

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 A word about the name: Our first demonstration garden is named for the Master Gardener who was truly the inspiration for, and driving force of, this project. Bob Sherwood worked tirelessly over the course of many years to create the vision, find a site and complete the arrangements for the location of the garden, develop the master plan, and direct and build virtually all of the hardscape. When Bob passed away unexpectedly in September of 2014, it left us shocked and with a combination of overwhelming loss and unending gratitude for what he had shepherded to that point. The determination of the Sherwood Demonstration Garden team to carry on and complete the garden is a tribute to Bob’s memory and his impact on all of us.

Please come join us  in a tour of the Sherwood Demonstration Garden!

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