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Mediterranean Garden


Objective and Design

This garden demonstrates the types of plants that grow in the Mediterranean regions throughout the world. A Mediterranean climate generally has very hot, dry summers with temperatures in the mid 80’s to 100’s degree Fahrenheit. Winters are mild and cool averaging between 40-50 degrees F with most rainfall occurring between autumn and spring.

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Lessons Learned In 2016

Slight changes in the garden are occurring each year based on experimentation. As with each Mediterranean region in the world there are slight variations in temperature, amount of sun, soil conditions, and moisture needs, or even types of fauna (such as gophers) within each of these regions. For example, even though most the Sacramento and Placerville area is within a Mediterranean climate we know some area can grow citrus and others cannot. The same is with soils. Some are heavy clay, some are sandy, or some could be loam. And these changes can occur even within the Sherwood Demonstration Garden.

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Mediterranean Garden Plant List


Here is a complete plant list for our Mediterranean Garden

What's New!

The Mediterranean climate, including California, is best in late winter to early summer. That said, there are still many Mediterranean plants that do well in the heat of summer.