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Perennial Garden


Objective and Design

The history of perennial gardens dates back to 1890. George Nicholson, curator for the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, England, suggested a perennial-only garden, steering the gardeners of the time away from the regimented garden styles that relied primarily on bedding plants. They are relatively easy to grow and offer a wide variety of colors, forms, and textures.

Perennial plants have a life span of 2 or more years. Perennials can be categorized as woody (trees, shrubs or vines) or herbaceous (die back to the ground in Winter) plants, evergreen or deciduous.

This particular garden is more of a design feature, including unusual plants along with the most common plants with an education as to whether these plants that are zoned for the Foothills can and will survive due to the fluctuation of cold hardiness through the Winter months and extremely dry and very hot Summers.

As for features in the garden, there is a boulder that if turned just right, a bench was created. There are also two sewer pipes at each end of the garden that were painted blue and installed vertically that will give some hardscape interests. With that color in mind, two very large cobalt blue pots were placed strategically with chartreuse colored plants at the base for contrast.

Two very larger containers were built out of left over retaining block and capped off with a redwood ledge. The other container was built out of redwood and finished up with corner metal pieces from Art of the Garden. These two containers can house more than 10 plants per container. In each container, an arbor was placed over the walkway with a variety of different vines and color.

In addition to educational features, we will be testing plants as to the growth factor of them being planted in loamy soil that would otherwise prefer clay soil. As well as when the label reads ‘full sun’, do they really like full sun. Also, evergreen versus deciduous plants and how best they perform in the foothills.

Water Usage per Week:

90 gals in ground
(water twice a week with 2 cycles of 15 mins. ea.)

52 gals. containers
(water daily with 2 cycles of 5 mins. ea.)

Perennial Garden Plant List


Here is a complete plant list for our Perennial Garden

What's New!

The Perennial Garden draws you in even on a hot summer day. The striking Pineapple Flower with its tall spikes of flowers adds height and interest to any garden, even a container garden. They are great in flowers arrangements, too. The huge red flowers of the Red-leaf Hibiscus pop into focus. Horseheal can grow up to 6 ft. tall. It's broad leaves and height can draw the eye up and its bright yellow flowers are a delight.

Eucomis autumnalis, 'Pineapple Flower'
Eucomis autumnalis, 'Pineapple Flower'

Japanese Barberry, complementary colors. Orange Rocket and Golden Rocket.
Japanese Barberry, complementary colors. Orange Rocket and Golden Rocket.

Inula helenium, 'Horseheal'
Inula helenium, 'Horseheal'