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July Gardening Tips

Gardening Maintenance

  • Watering and pest control are top of the "To Do" list.
  • Water after midnight and before 10am to reduce the chance of fungal infection and to conserve moisture.
  • Pinch off the top pair of leaves on all chrysanthemum shoots longer than 5" to keep plants bushy and produce more flowers.
  • Cut spent berry canes to the ground; tie up and fertilize new canes.
  • Cut canna stems to the ground as they finish flowering; new stems will continue to appear.
  • Prune fruit bushes again.
  • Harvest vegetables promptly to encourage continued production.
  • Dig and divide over-crowded irises and bulbs when the foliage dies off.
  • Remove spent flowers of daylilies, roses, and other bloomers a they finish flowering.
  • Fertilize roses.
  • Cut back lavender after flowering to promote a second bloom.
  • Trim faded crape myrtle flowers for more fall bloom.
  • Pick up dropped fruit to prevent brown rot.  Clean around trees.
  • Pick caterpillars off vegetables and flowers.  Spray with Bt if needed.
  • Spray off aphids with water or use insecticidal soap.
  • Pull weeds when they first appear.

What to Plant in July


  • Direct seed annuals, such as alyssum, celosia, sunflower, zinnias, and marigolds.


  • At higher, cooler elevations, direct seed summer squash, bush beans, summer savory, and kohlrabi.
  • If fruit isn't setting on your melons and squash, use a soft brush to hand-pollinate the flowers and increase production.  Use the brush to gather pollen from male flowers, then brush it onto the female flower.  (Female flowers have a tiny embryo fruit at the base of their petals.)